Business showroom

HT Business Showroom

Equipping the business showroom of our largest partner,  Hrvatski Telekom d.d. (Croatian Telecom Inc.), is the best example of the functionality and quality of our work and the trust of large companies to use our services. 

The idea of integration and implementation was that the whole place must be manageable and controlled with the help of an application and a minimum of two programmed remotes. These Control4 remotes are supposed to replace the original ones.

In the end, The Control4 system management application can be used on all Android, iOS devices and Windows platform, which perfectly facilitates the user’s access and up-to-date control of every feature at any time. Through the application, users would be able to control various functions such as:

  • – TV’s, video sources, projectors, zone music and other audio sources,
  • – lighting circuits, smoke lighting and RGB lighting,
  • – curtains, blinds and projector canvases,
  • – video surveillance, smart locks,
  • – HVAC.


How it ended up?

Using Control4 and their remote controls, we’ve enabled the management of TV screens individually or in groups. Wireless Control4 remote controls do not have to be pointed toward the TV or any other device they control, which allows you to control audio and video equipment from different locations and also gives us a possibility to place the equipment in a communication cabinet. Also, with the remote control, users can control all the functions of the Control4 system that we integrated in it.

Control system

Installation of EA5 controller allowed the system to add multiple EA3 or EA1 controllers that can control individual zones or enable visualization for individual TV screens or projectors. It also allows controlling the TV in three different ways, via IR bugs, serial and wireless communication, and it is possible to control each screen individually or in groups, depending on the time and needs. Controller performs multiple content playback via a video matrix, giving you the opportunity to connect a certain amount of TV’s and the exact amount of independent sources such as Max TV, satellite receivers, Apple TV and many others. In addition, it also enables the management of blinds and shutters is enabled through Control4, which supports management of motorized blinds, shutters, curtains and drapes, which, based on the management on KNX standard, provides the most reliable management of such systems. Here we made it possible to control 24 independent motorized roller shutters with KNX and Control4.

HVAC control

The HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) management solution is also based on the KNX standard. With the KNX  Zennio module, we covered the control of the air conditioning units, while the heating and cooling system is controlled with the Schneider and Nest Learning thermostats. It all goes through the app in the Control4 system with the Comfort option. The basis of lighting control is also KNX standard, through which a KNX switch is used for general lighting, while a compatible KNX control module is used for dimmable lighting. Project control (separately or together) is enabled in the same way as screen control. We have enabled voice control of various features in a very modern way with the help of the Amazon Alexa device.


All of the above makes business showroom easily adaptable to different setups – press room, showroom, press/media/marketing presentations, STEM presentations, etc.