Luxury Commercial Ship

One of the most interesting and biggest projects we’ve done is equipping the luxury commercial ship Klara with smart technology. 

As part of the seven-day package, tourists visit three different countries. This is the first sailing ship in Croatia to have an unlimited sailing category.  Apart from Polar Regions, it can sail anywhere in the world. The ship makes a specific offer in relation to the offer of large cruisers and high-level service.

Klara has a high-tech degree of tidiness and is a very powerful sailing ship that stands out above other sailing ships in the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. Precisely because of its technical performance, but also the very high level of service it offers to passengers. 

It is a class of passenger ships of unlimited navigation, it can sail on all international seas. It has an autonomy of as much as 14 days of travel without docking on shore. 

Our mission was to design and to make a solution for automation and easy control. By adding this new features we gave your sailing experience whole new level of luxury. 

How it ended up?

This project was based on a system that will enable ship users to control lighting, HVAC (fan coil) and multimedia system (TV’s, music, video content) in each of the cabins and the saloon of the ship via the Control4 automatic control system platform.

We decided to offer a complete system on the Control4 automatic control system. With the help of the system we could control and regulate lighting in the passenger cabins and in the main saloon and also we could enable switching on and off of lightning and light intensity for precisely determined lighting fixtures. Using Control4 thermostat and relay actuators we can control the temperature by controlling the speed of fan coils. In addition, one of the tasks was to fit the required multimedia within the Control4 system and enable the user to easily and intuitively play all multimedia content from the central storage where movies and music are stored. Our recommendation was to add and equip each cabin with speakers to give users a complete sense of quality and luxury.

Lighting control, as well as other features, is made wirelessly with the help of Control4 potentiometer and switches. The switches have and LED on them that serves as an indicator and are programmed to offer the option of several different light statuses (green, red). With the help of switches, we created the possibility of light manipulation in the toilet.

Dimmers were used to regulate the light intensity and were built into each cabin so passengers could control the cabin lighting and make the atmosphere that suits their feelings.

We used the Control4 wireless thermostat for the HVAC system for measuring and regulating the temperature in the passenger cabins. With the help of Control4, we provided the possibility for the user to control the rotation of the fan coils and thus regulate the temperature of the cabin.

The use of multimedia content is enabled through the NAS server where all content is stored (movies, series, music, promo materials). Access to all media content is provided via the Zappiti Medial Player installed in each cabin. In addition, the use of Triad One amplifiers with stereo speakers will provide complete music experience, atmosphere and sound quality.

In just six days, we installed the whole system and it was ready to use.

See the brochure for more information about the ship.