About Us

We are located in Osijek, Croatia and our company is specialized for engineering and technical consulting.

In 2009. we officially become certified KNX partner and we are starting designing, implementing, programming and supervising KNX/EIB based automation systems. We are continuously engaged in research and education of specialists in order to maintain high standards in the execution of projects.

Soon after that in 2010. we become a certified Control4 supplier and began integrating the Control4 system into our projects. In the same year, we successfully performed the first project in which we successfully integrated the KNX/EIB systems as a base and the Control4 systems, and we successfully integrate them into our solutions using software that we develop ourselves.

Over the years we worked on many other projects, both in the residential and commercial sectors. The largest would be the partnership with “T-Com” in equipping the business showroom in Zagreb, the company of “Brodosplit” on the construction of a commercial passenger ship (Novogradnja 525) in Split, the residential buildings of “Villa Mlinovi” – Zagreb and many others.

Our company is focused on technologies such as KNX/EIB, Control4, web technologies, information technologies, PLC systems for heating/cooling, third party systems (integration, connection, visualization), development of own software, applications, drivers and profiles.

Our mission is to provide our customers professional service with premium experience.

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Who are we?

  • Marko Jurišić

    Director, Smart Touch Split

  • Toni Glavaš

    Accounting & finance, Smart Touch Split

  • Marjan Roščić

    Maintenance, Smart Touch Split

  • Dražen Radojčić

    Director, Smart Touch Rijeka

  • Luka Radojčić

    Technical engineer, Smart Touch Rijeka

  • Ivan Đurić

    Technical director

  • Zvonko Pejaković

    Automation engineer

  • Boris Filaković

    Maintenance & integration

  • Goran Mikulić