Smart Hotel Solution

Through the Control4 management system and KNX standards, we made a smart system in which entire hotel is monitored and very easily controlled

Hotel system is a smart solution that is based on the KNX standard that serves for management and control. It’s perfectly adoptable to the needs of the hotel industry.

The biggest challenges we encountered were to provide each guest with maximum comfort, reduce maintenance costs and control electricity. Also, provide the hotel service user with the possibility and control of room management and access control.

In addition to providing quality services to the guest, we faced the challenges of providing full access to each component. To the authorized personnel of the hotel and complete control of all components of the system and ease of use.

The most important thing for us was to provide high-quality surveillance service (monitoring of cleaning requests, room service), alarm system monitoring (toilet alarm), secure management of personnel, customer data and complete security.

How it ended up?

With the KNX standard for management and control and the Control4 system that gives us a unique and personalized system solved the problem of managing various components in a simple, affordable and high-quality way. 

By implementing the Control4 system in KNX standard, we have enabled complete control over the management of lighting, blinds, HVAC and audio/video equipment. With the 4sight licensewe made it possible to control it and access from any location.

Access and security control we’ve made with cards. Access control is enabled through a card reader that would be placed outside the room and thus enable or deny access depending on the level of authorization. Primarily, the card reader would be used to open the door, but in addition the user would have the opportunity to use the all the possibilities of the hotel such as wellness roomgym, swimming pool, meeting room, etc. 

With the programmed card, we also solved the problem of powering the entire room. Security of individual room and the hotel itself is done by recording every entry in the real time and the history of access control is visible to the surveillance.

Through the Control4 systemvisualization on the TV is enabled, as well as control of the entire room via a remote control, touch panel or user-friendly mobile application in which the desired system can be controlled in different modes.