Digital Signage Solution

Digital Signage Solution

Static advertising has less and less influence on the target audience. However, a digital signage solution is a new, revolutionary form of advertising with custom-designed messages delivered to consumers to enhance their experience. Through digital signage, we can target ads, graphics, video or any other content we want on small screens or even video walls.

The new generation of interactive digital signage gives you the environment to build the value of a physical location while adding the digital interactions that customers are looking for. This type of interactive advertising provides real-time advertising and consumer impact. Because of this way of direct advertising, more and more companies are deciding on this way of influential advertising. In addition to advertising, digital signage can also serve as a medium for information, education and communication with consumers. We may provide consumers with information about new offers, sales, promotions and product information.

The benefits of using digital signage as opposed to classic static advertising:

  • – ads can be changed simultaneously in several places,
  • – users of digital advertising can automate ads,
  • more interaction with passers-by,
  • higher recall and retention rates,
  • – less perceived waiting time,
  • – analysis and, most importantly, unique adaptation of the ad or content.


How it ended up?

In 2016, we presented and implemented our digital signage solution, the first of its kind, for this previously non-existent type of advertising, which proved to be a very successful, stable, reliable and high-quality solution for us, but most importantly for our users.

This influenced the development of our business and opened some new doors for us and our customers in the field of digital marketing.

In the past years, we have cooperated with a large number of satisfied customers throughout the country, which is confirmed by the fact that we have almost 20 permanent clients with whom we have long-term quality cooperation. One of these clients is Shell, to whom we provided advertising services in order to increase their sales and raise their marketing to a completely different level.