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What we do?

Nowadays, majority of the people are familiar with the term “smart house” and there are countless solutions for intelligent management. The option we have chosen to go with is the KNX standard as a base which we integrate into Control4 after the programming is done.

We work on projects from conceptual design, consulting and understanding of the client’s lifestyle to the installation and commissioning of equipment, programming of management systems according to user’s wishes, fine-tuning and optimization of the system.

Smart Touch Showroom is located in Osijek, Croatia at J.J. Strossmayer 12 on the 1st floor. The showroom is designed to present the benefits of intelligent control systems in residential buildings as well as in commercial buildings, tourism, hotels, ships, etc., in a simple, yet intuitive and interesting way.

Using our services you will get high quality, high-tech, environment for every space you want.

Let your imagination become a reality.

How we do?

The KNX standard is the most reliable management system being that 500 companies have produced their products following the KNX standard. Implementing KNX and Control4 together we provide full system control.

We design the base installation on the KNX standard; the base includes the management of lightning, complaints (curtains, blinds, garage doors, etc.), motors, heating / cooling.

The installation of KNX is very neat, and all because of a power cable is run to each load and to each circuit from the distribution cabinet. A low-voltage 24V BUS installation is connected to each push button/ sensor/ thermostat, and one BUS line supports up to 256 push buttons/ sensors/ thermostats.

After we’re done with the KNX project we integrate KNX database into Control4 and in that way we get, in addition to the above, multimedia management, which includes audio and video distribution, multiroom, audio and video source management, zone music, contact and contactless relays, video surveillance etc.

By connecting the KNX base with the Control4 system, therefore, we get complete control of simple and intuitive/ logical Control4 applications, via Control4 remote control with the application displayed on TV’s or the Control4 application on mobile phones and tablets. A complete management system requires both, a quality and well-designed network infrastructure that matches the network equipment. For this part, we use “Pakedge” certified Control4 network equipment, which proves to be indispensable in every Control4 project.

Why we do?

We believe that by combining KNX/EIB and Control4 systems together, we get the best performance of both systems. On one hand, you get KNX/EIB as a reliable base for lighting, motors, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), and safety and on the other, Control4’s simple visualization.

While KNX is the most popular and widespread standard for automation and offers an exceptional possibility to manage all types of lighting, HVAC systems, all types of motors. To a greater extent, KNX is a tool to achieve savings in energy consumption, system monitoring, security and visualization of all automation processes which use KNX. On the other hand, Control4 is the best platform for managing audio-video devices and innovative, logical and easy-to-understand visualization of the entire building, house, public or business space.

For all these reasons given above, in our projects, we connect the best of the two worlds. The best base provided by the KNX/EIB standard and Control4 system as visualization and management of all AV equipment, through a very simple and logical interface.

Connected and combined, the systems guarantee a long-term work and an easy upgrade whenever needed.

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