We all remember a famous scene from the movie Home alone when Kevin fools burglars with occupancy simulation. It’s fair to say he invented it, but Control4 definitely brought it to a whole new level with its Mocukpancy

Holiday travel season has arrived as well as time to improve home security. Have you ever used appliance timers to turn lights on and off while you’re gone? They’re not the easiest to set up and their predictability and limited functions might decrease success in deterring intruders. Control4 gives you a piece of mind while away with its reliable security solution.

Control4 Mockupancy

Mockupancy is a type of occupancy simulation that keeps track of all lighting, blinds and multimedia patterns while you’re at home. When you leave the house and put Control4 in Away mode, Control4 will replay those behaviors using slightly randomized times. It will seem like you’re at home, watching TV and turning lights on and off at the expected times, but with variations. With Mockupancy your home automatically works to deter intruders while you’re away. Lights and TVs are programmed to turn on and off at specific times so your home appears to be occupied—and keeps it off of the target list to burglars and home invaders.


Our team can set up custom programming to start recording and playback. It’s possible to also link security systems with Mockupancy. Control4 system continually tracks patterns while security is disarmed and automatically plays back the simulation while security is armed. If using keypad buttons, the button LED color can also be automatically set, for example: red for recording, green for playback and blue for idle.


If you’re interested in this feature, contact us. We’re looking forward to upgrading your home security.

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