Araknis Wi-Fi 6 Access Point

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Incorporating the latest advancements in Wi-Fi technology, the Araknis AN-820 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point presents a transformative leap forward in networking. This cutting-edge device offers a host of benefits that redefine the way we experience and manage our networks.

Harnessing Wi-Fi 6’s Potential

At the heart of the AN-820 lies the power of Wi-Fi 6, a technology designed to meet the demands of our increasingly connected world. This includes support for features such as OFDMA, MU-MIMO, 1024 QAM, and BSS Coloring. These capabilities work in harmony to optimize speed, capacity, and reliability, ensuring that your network operates seamlessly even in high-density environments.

Effortless Management and Empowerment

With the Araknis AN-820, managing your network has never been easier. Thanks to the intuitive OvrC Wi-Fi management system, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting become straightforward tasks that can be accomplished with a few clicks. Moreover, the OvrC Connect app for Android and iOS extends this convenience to your clients, enabling them to resolve common issues independently and take control of their network experience.

Enhanced Battery Life and Future-Proofing

Wi-Fi 6 technology brings not only speed but also efficiency. By optimizing device communication, the AN-820 contributes to extended battery life for connected devices, ensuring that your devices remain operational for longer periods. Additionally, the inclusion of a 2.5Gbps LAN port and backward-compatible 2.5GbE port future-proofs your network, accommodating emerging applications and technologies without sacrificing performance.

Tailored Customization and Robust Security

The AN-820’s flexibility shines through in its ability to create multiple SSIDs, each customized to specific network requirements. Fast Roaming, Band Steering, and Wi-Fi 6 compatibility can be fine-tuned per SSID, ensuring that your network caters precisely to your needs. Furthermore, Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) channel support and WPA3 security enhance both agility and protection, keeping your network adaptable and secure.

Elevate Your Network to New Heights with Wi-Fi 6 

Ready to experience networking in a whole new way? The Araknis AN-820 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point is your gateway to seamless connectivity, enhanced management, and a future-proofed network. Contact us upgrade today and embark on a journey that promises to redefine your network experience.

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