Voice control for your Control4: Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant


Imagine walking into your home and simply saying, “Alexa, turn on the lights” or “Hey Siri, set the thermostat to 72 degrees” and instantly your Control4 Smart Home will respond to your every command. With Control4’s seamless integration with voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, this dream has become a reality, offering a level of convenience and control that is truly remarkable.

Alexa, make my home even smarter

Your Control4 Smart Home is compatible with a range of Alexa-enabled devices, including Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show. The moment your Control4 system is professionally installed, you’re in the driver’s seat. You can effortlessly fine-tune, add or modify voice commands using Control4’s homeowner personalization tool, aptly named When >> Then. Right out of the box, you’ll enjoy instant voice control of lights, locks, fans and thermostats. But the real magic happens when you work with us to expand your voice command capabilities. Then you can control shades, entertainment systems, music streaming and even orchestrate more complex scenes, all with a simple voice command.

Siri, integrate to my Control4 Smart Home

Apple has taken integration to a new level with extended Siri voice control for third-party control systems such as Control4. Control your smart home with Siri or use the Home app on your iPhone or iPad to control your devices. The Home app notifies you about important events in your home, such as opening the door or activating the security system. You can even take control of your devices directly from the lock screen or control center of your Apple device.

And that’s not all; HomeKit, Apple’s smart home management platform, complements the Siri voice assistant. The Siri Voice Module driver bridges the gap between Control4 and HomeKit, allowing you to control all of your Control4 devices through Apple’s native Home app. This seamless integration is powered by the Homebridge server, which emulates Control4 devices as HomeKit-enabled devices.

Hey, Google, stack commands for ultimate convenience

Your Control4 Smart Home is not limited to the Apple and Amazon ecosystems; it also works well with Google Assistant devices such as Google Home, Google Home Mini and Android smartphones. Control4 goes further by allowing users to personalize their voice experience. You can change device names, fine-tune voice commands, adjust Smart Home Privacy Guard™ settings, and even disable certain commands. Furthermore, with the Google Assistant, you have the power to stack commands for ultimate convenience. For example, you can say, “Hey Google, pull down the curtains and turn off the kitchen lights” and watch your home respond seamlessly.

In conclusion, the voice control options available for your Control4 Smart Home are not only impressive, but also incredibly easy to set up and use. Whether you prefer Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, you can enjoy the full potential of your smart home with just a few simple voice commands. The future of home automation is here and it works brilliantly with Control4’s voice control integration. Say goodbye to the old way of doing things and say hello to the future, where your home responds to your every word.

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