Cabasse Speakers: A Masterpiece in Sound


If you are looking for an outstanding sound experience that combines power and precision, look no further than Cabasse speakers. Cabasse’s commitment to innovation and passion for delivering superior sound quality make them a world-renowned name in the audio industry.

La Sphère – an acoustic masterpiece

At the heart of Cabasse’s legacy is the masterpiece La Sphère. This acoustic wonder stands as a world reference, representing the pinnacle of audio art. The design ensures a deep, stable soundstage, minimal sound wave diffraction and perfect phase linearity within a 60° cone. Combined with robust amplifiers and customizable home settings, it embodies Cabasse Spatially Coherent Source technology at its best.

The Pearl Collection – where art meets sound

Drawing inspiration from the iconic La Sphère, Cabasse introduced the Pearl collection to elevate the quality of listening in today’s digital era. These jewel-designed speakers combine advanced technologies, compactness and acoustic power to deliver the perfect balance of sound. The result is unparalleled listening quality, especially with music streaming, which makes these speakers a real gem.

Classic connected Hi-Fi systems – timeless excellence

For those looking for a blend of classic elegance and modern innovation, Cabasse’s Classic Connected collection is a perfect choice. These speakers inherit the innovations of the Pearl range and bring them to traditional bookshelf speakers or floor speakers. Whether integrated like the RIALTO or paired with a high-end amplifier like the ABYSS, they deliver streaming sound par excellence.

Cabasse HiFi systems – unparalleled music reproduction

Cabasse offers a diverse range of HiFi speakers in different formats. Equipped with innovative coaxial technology, these speakers deliver unsurpassed music reproduction, promising greater listening experience.

Cabasse custom install – immerse yourself in discreet elegance

Furthermore, Cabasse not only serves music enthusiasts, but also those looking for seamless integration into their living space. Whether wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or discreetly integrated,  custom install collection delivers exceptional sound and aesthetic appeal.

Home cinema systems – enhance your movie nights

Finally, enhance the audio experience of your movie nights with the Cabasse home cinema systems. Available in 5.1 or 2.1 setups, as stand-alone elements or as a soundbar that connects directly to your TV, these systems adapt to your needs. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled audio experience and enhance your cinematic journey.

In essence, these speakers are the epitome of acoustic excellence, promising an aural adventure that transcends boundaries. Experience the purest form of sound and let Cabasse redefine your sound world.

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