Universal fan coil controller 0-10V

Universal Fan Coil Controller

The TC57A01KNX device is a DIN rail EIB / KNX actuator for fan coil units control. Device has 3 0-10 V outputs and 3×16 A relays. Two 0-10 V outputs are dedicated to the management of proportional valves, variable speed management be done with the third 0-10 V output or with the 3 relays on board. If relays are not used for speeds, they can activate lights or other loads.

An input is also available for receiving 0-10V or 4-20mA signals to connect external probes for temperature, humidity, CO2, and other variables; the third 0-10 V output can also be configured as an input in this mode. There are additionally 5 dry contact digital inputs for connecting buttons, window contacts, and alarms, as well as 2 NTC temperature probe inputs (eelectron codes TS00A01ACC and TS00B01ACC).

With an internal 2-stage PI algorithm, the device’s logic can manage a 2/4 pipe fan coil. Modern systems that require a separation of behavior between speed and valves (separate regulatory differentials), ventilation to avoid air stratification, and logics for efficient comfort and energy savings can benefit from advanced parameterization.

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