Top 5 Surround Sound Systems

surround sound systems

Home cinema is definitely the most popular home feature. We work with many well-known audio brands to provide the best surround sound system for the room size, client needs and budget. Explore top 5 surround sound systems in no particular order.

Sonodyne MICRO HTS1

Sonodyne Micro HTS1 is a complete 5.1 surround system including 4 x Micro 3001 for LR and surround, 1 x Micro 3002 with a center channel and 1 x Micro Sub 100 W powered subwoofer. The Micro 3001 is a satellite speaker with an ABS housing that gives it a unique shape that fits into any space. Likewise, the Micro 3002 is a satellite speaker intended for the center channel, but can also be used as an LCR channel for music and multi-channel audio. Finally, the Micro Sub is an 8″ front-vented subwoofer that provides level and frequency control. This system is tonally tuned and produces spectacular multi-channel sound.

Cabasse ALCYONE 2

Another Cabasse 5.1 system, Alcyone 2 consists of a Santorin 17M2 subwoofer and 5 satellites. With only 10 cm diameter, the Alcyone 2 satellites have all fundamental Cabasse loudspeaker characteristics: acoustic linearity, dynamics, power handling and absolute spatial coherence. However, Santorin 17M2 subwoofer with the vertical 360° down-firing driver offers punchy bass, full of nuance and depth. It’s now possible to place the subwoofer near wall with no acoustical compromise.

Cabasse MC40

The Cabasse MC40 home cinema pack includes 2 x Minorca MC40, 2 x Java MC40, 1x Cabrera and a Santorin 25 subwoofer. Minorca MC40 is a 3-way bookshelf speaker whereas Java MC40 is the 3-way floorstanding speaker. The Cabrera center speaker works perfectly with Java and Minorca for creating an integral, multi-channel spectacle, while the discrete Santorin 25 boosts the system with impressive bass.

Cabasse MC170

Cabasse MC170  5.1 home cinema pack includes 2 x Jersey MC170, 2 x Antigua MC170, 1 x Socoa MC170 central speaker and an Orion subwoofer. The Jersey MC170, a 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker, and Antigua MC170, a 3-way loudspeaker, are both designed for a rich and ultra-dynamic sound reproduction. Socoa central speaker additionally contributes to that experience whereas Orion subwoofer offers sound excellence in low frequencies. The new two-way midrange/tweeter of the MC170 range offers a faithful reproduction of timbres and provides a soundstage perfect for both stereo and multichannel use.

Cabasse EOLE 4

Last but not least, Cabasse Eole 4 surround system concentrates all preferable acoustic qualities: efficiency, power handling, transparency and soundstage stability. This system includes 5 x Eole 4 small (13 cm diameter) satellites and an ultra-slim Lipari 21 subwoofer, perfect for small spaces delivering great performance. The Eole 4 satellite offers all of the acoustic qualities: efficiency, power handling, transparency and soundstage stability. Lipari 21 provides a nice bass boost and improves the  sound balance.


About the manufacturers

Cabasse is a French loudspeaker company, part of Cabasse Group of connected technologies and objects dedicated to the Smart Home.

Sonodyne is India’s premier audio designing and manufacturing house with over 50 years of core audio experience.


Feel free to visit our showroom and experience the incredible sound capabilities or contact us and let us help you find a perfect home cinema for a room size, preferences and budget. 

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