Smart hacks for summertime

smart hacks

Summer is a perfect time to take advantage of smart home technology to improve comfort but also save energy. Here are some smart hacks for summertime.

Smart Thermostat Optimization

Use a smart thermostat to regulate your home’s temperature efficiently. Set schedules to adjust the temperature during the day when you’re away and cool down the house before you return. Some smart thermostats can even adapt to your preferences and learn your habits over time.

smart home hacks

Automated Blinds, Curtains or Sunscreens

Install smart blinds or curtains that can be programmed to close during the hottest parts of the day to block out the sun’s heat. This can help keep your home cooler and reduce the workload on your air conditioning. If you have an outdoor space like a patio or terrace, consider installing smart sunscreens or awnings that can be automatically extended or retracted based on the sun’s position or weather conditions.

smart home hacks

Pool Automation

If you have a pool, consider using a smart pool controller. These devices can help you monitor and control the pool’s temperature, filtration and lighting remotely, ensuring your pool is always ready for a refreshing dip.

smart home hacks

Smart Lighting and Outdoor Speakers 

Create a relaxed summer ambiance in your home by using smart lighting. You can set up different scenes with soft and warm hues to match the summer vibe and even control them with voice commands or mobile apps. Furthermore, outdoor speakers are designed to withstand exposure to various weather conditions while delivering high-quality audio outside your home. Explore some exceptional all-in-one outdoor music and lighting solution.


Energy Monitoring

Use smart plugs or energy monitoring devices to identify energy-hogging appliances. This knowledge can help you make informed decisions about which devices to use during peak energy hours to reduce costs.

smart thome hacks

Smart Sprinkler Systems

Optimize your lawn and garden watering with a smart sprinkler system that considers weather conditions, soil moisture levels, and water restrictions. This helps prevent overwatering and saves water.

smart home hacks

Outdoor Smart Camera

Enhance home security during vacations by installing outdoor smart cameras. These cameras can send real-time alerts to your smartphone when motion is detected, allowing you to monitor your property from anywhere.

smart home hacks

Voice Control

If you have a smart home entertainment system, you can control your music, movies, and TV shows with voice commands. This can be particularly useful when hosting outdoor gatherings or parties. If you have smart fans, you can use voice commands to control their speed and direction. This can be handy to circulate cool air or create a breeze without even having to get up from your seat.

smart home hacks


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