“Sensory organs”-modern building automation

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Not simply a KNX partner, but also a partner for planners, architects, and electricians. They seek conversation with them in order to exchange thoughts and suggestions based on real experience. Their services include anything from planning aid to data collection to answering day-to-day questions. Allow their sensors and technology to persuade you.

Throughout Europe and the rest of the world, millions of KNX installations have proven to be successful. STEINEL offers the “sensory organs” for KNX with the world’s largest sensor program. Their sensor technologies, such as passive infrared, high frequency, ultrasonic, and camera sensor technology, come in a variety of very practical sensor types which means STEINEL can give you the right sensor for any application. They offer few different types of sensors like passive infrared, ultrasonic, high frequency and camera sensor system.

The world’s only open standard for home and building control is now available in a version for the reference motion detector for usage anywhere on the building. However, it is not just because of its internal values that it is the best in the premium class. SensIQ models have won prizes from worldwide design institutions for their range in form and function. As a result, the sensIQ S KNX integrates seamlessly with KNX automation technology while also satisfying all of the criteria of modern design.

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