Schneider Electric’s KNX System Devices overview

knx system

Schneider Electric, a pioneer in innovative solutions for smart buildings, offers the KNX system—a package of devices that increase control, efficiency and security. Let’s explore an overview of the key devices within the Schneider Electric KNX system.

KNX Power Supply Unit

Starting with the KNX power supply unit, the SpaceLogic version generates the base bus voltage and has dual functionality. It has a KNX output and an additional DC 30 V output for other devices. In addition, it ensures faultless operation and sending diagnostic messages with its floating signal contact.

KNX logic module

Furthermore, the KNX logic module is a key component for comprehensive logic and control capabilities. The SpaceLogic KNX logic module Basic REG-K offers a versatile range of logic modules, filter/timers, converters and multiplexer modules. With programmable buttons and status LEDs, users can assign control or test functions as needed.

USB interface REG-K

However, the REG-K USB interface enables a seamless connection between the programming or diagnostic device and the KNX system for smooth connection and programming. It is galvanically isolated from the KNX bus and is compatible with ETS software version 4 (or later), making configuration and management efficient.

Line coupler

In order to ensure logical connection and electrical isolation of lines and areas, a line coupler comes into play. The SpaceLogic KNX Coupler DIN rail forwards both secure and non-secure communications while maintaining galvanic isolation between lines. Its compatibility with KNX longframe and ETS 5 software underlines its efficiency in the installation of KNX systems.

Space Logic KNX IP router

Moving on to the interface functionality, the SpaceLogic KNX IP router is the key link between IP and KNX. It enables access to the KNX bus from any LAN point and enables remote access over the Internet via VPN, supporting up to 8 tunneling channels. Its compatibility with KNX security ensures a secure environment, preventing unauthorized access.

Wiser for KNX

Finally, Wiser for KNX is perfect for residential applications, integrating a range of control functions. It increases comfort, safety and flexibility while enabling monitoring and analysis of energy consumption. With integrated visualization, it provides valuable insights for optimized performance.


In conclusion, KNX devices from Schneider Electric offer a robust solution for improving control, efficiency and security within smart buildings. From power units to advanced interfaces, each device plays a key role in shaping the way we interact with our living and working spaces, paving the way for a smarter, more connected future.

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