Real cinema experience in your home

Medea projector

Real cinema experience in your room with 4k UHD resolution, 6,500 lumens of laser illumination and custom Barco Pulse electronics. Medea has been optimized to deliver unprecedented fun and high quality picture in small to medium sized rooms. With this projector you’ll get the real cinema experience and you’ll enjoy watching your favorite movie with pleasure.

Medea’s optical engine is a world-class projector. It is built from custom designed materials what results in outstanding image quality. Medea uses award winning DLP technology that is made of 0.66″ diagonal Micromirror array from TI , it displays 4k UHD 3,840 x 2,160 pixels on screen, features a 5.4 micron Micromirror Pitch and a ±17° Micromirror Tilt.

It is important for our clients to realize that if they wish to have excellent performance, there’s a certain price tag that comes with the level of quality, just like buying a car. All of them can take you from point A to point B but the difference is in performance and luxury.

With Medea, as said you’ll get up to 6,500 ANSI lumens with 709 color space. MSRP will cost you €21.995 with non motorized lens and 3 years of warranty. There’s also option for €29.995 with choice of 2 standard lens option and 3 years of warranty.

Barco residential has won an IoT Integration Award presented by CE Pro, Commercial Integrator and Security Sales & Integration!  The Internet of Things (IoT) award represents direct integration of physical devices and other items into computer-based systems. Also, Barco Medea won CE Pro BEST award at Cedia Expo in 2017 what guarantee you that this is high quality product.

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