Project Showcase: Smart Home in Osijek

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Transforming a stunning two-story apartment in Osijek into a haven of comfort and luxury was a project we recently undertook with great satisfaction. We were tasked with designing and installing a complete smart home system that would seamlessly integrate with the architecture and meet the client’s discerning needs.

KNX: The Foundation 

The cornerstone of the system is a robust KNX infrastructure featuring professional-grade equipment. This powerful technology provides centralized control over lighting, blinds, heating, cooling, and fans. For added convenience and personalization, EAE Technology Oria series KNX switches and thermostats were incorporated. These elegant buttons offer not only customizable engraving to match the client’s vision but also the ability to program specific functions and scenes, allowing for one-touch control over desired settings.

Control4: The Conductor of Entertainment

Building upon the solid KNX foundation, we seamlessly integrated a Control4 Smart Home system. This addition empowers complete KNX system management with the added benefit of comprehensive multimedia control throughout multiple audio zones. Residents can enjoy a seamless audio experience from any source, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion. In addition, Control4 allows the customer to control the system via a universal remote SR-260, intuitive touchscreen or a smartphone app from anywhere.

Network: The Unsung Hero

Understanding the critical role a reliable network plays in smart home performance, we installed top-tier Araknis Network equipment. This professional solution ensures the flawless operation of the entire system, guaranteeing a smooth and responsive user experience.

Elevating the Experience: Audio and Lighting

As a comprehensive smart home solutions provider, we went beyond system integration to deliver exceptional audio and lighting experiences. For the sound system, we carefully crafted a professional setup using proven custom Triad products.

For lighting, we opted for the renowned German manufacturer Schmitz Wila, known for their commitment to high-quality technical lighting with the ability to create bespoke solutions. A highlight of the project is the Strong30 track system in recessed version for a visually captivating and sophisticated effect.

Collaboration is Key

The success of this project hinged on exceptional collaboration with all parties involved. From architects and engineers to scaffolding technicians and electrical contractors, we fostered a spirit of teamwork to ensure every detail was executed flawlessly.

Client-Centric Approach

Maintaining open communication and exceeding client expectations were paramount throughout the project. We held regular consultations to understand the client’s vision and provide expert advice. Finally, we provided detailed training and remote support to ensure continued satisfaction.

The result? A luxury smart home oasis by the river where comfort, convenience and personalized control come together seamlessly to create an unparalleled living experience.

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