No winter is too cold with Dimplex


Glen Dimplex fireplace GmbH is a specialist for electrical heating for the whole systems. New standards to design and enjoying a fire are clearly set by the Ignite series, which allow an unprecendented panoramic view of the flames. The color of the LED illuminated interior can be adjusted to suit any occasion. Its silent heater starts up pleasantly quickly through concealed vents, working intelligently and efficiently.

With the Cassette 1000 you’ll get the real dimplex fireplace experience because flames are made of pure water vapour and LED light. Flames you can reach out and touch. The revolutionary Optimyst Cassette models redefine the electric fireplace and enable you to add a dramatic fire feature to any space, with stunning realism. You can get three-sided, see-through or fully open concept you envisage in any length for any location.

A modern, wall-hung fireplace housing the uniquely complete and intense fire experience, developed by Dimplex. With ultra-realistic flickering flame effect, sparks jumping from glowing logs and the crackle of a wood fire, yet electric and therefore completely safe and maintenance free, making it a great addition to commercial and private environments.

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