KNX Home Server

KNX Home Server

Most KNX-based apartment and office automation solutions do not necessitate complex logic or specialized interfaces. There is also a desire to launch such enterprises without the need for programming or additional expenses. They must, however, support remote and voice control, cameras, and SIP at the same time.

KNX Home Server was built specifically for this purpose.

It provides the following KNX smart home functions: TP1 bus connection and ETS setting devices, integration of SIP-intercoms (Mobotix, DoorBird, etc. ), IP-cameras, and Samsung TVs, schedules, routines, timers, notifications, secure remote and voice control, and rapid interface construction.

Setting and controlling the device is done with a single app for iOS, Android, or Windows PC. As a result, you may test project functionality immediately once modifications are made. It only necessitates the use of one gadget. You don’t even need to go to the object location; a cloud-based setup can be downloaded to the controller.

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