KNX/EAE Hotel solution

EAE smart hotel solutions in combination with KNX will give you the best service you deserve. EAE systems are based on interactive technology that compliments the exceptional experience for you as a guest. This intelligent hotel features different possibilities. Some of them are lighting control, HVAC control, shade control, do not disturb and make up room.  With all that, these two systems you can control door lock, integrate in PMS systems, integrate in BMS systems and energy saving.

Integration into PMS systems you can use platforms such as Opera, Fidelio, OnQ, Micros and many others. Also the following platforms are easily integrated with EAE’s and KNX systems: BACnet, Modbus, OPC, LonWorks and M-Bus.

Energy consumption is every hotels biggest expense no matter if there are guests in the room or not, with these two systems you expenses will be drastically changed for better. Managing lighting and visual needs as you like you’ll get luxury experience you need. With different  lights from “Mona” series  you can adjust the illumination on the device to the desired color and intensity, and create a stylish look in the room.

Request buttons for “Make up Room” and” Do not Disturb” could made it possible to display the status of each room, allowing you to optimize the scheduling of the cleaning staff. Beside occupancy and laundary indication LEDs, this product also includes a doorbell button to announce visitors.

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