KNX Dual PowerSupply 1280

KNX Dual PowerSupply 1280

The Enertex® KNX DUAL PowerSupply 1280 (6 SU) provides with a single device two separately operating KNX power supplies with 1280 mA and 320 mA and a third 30V auxiliary power supply with 320 mA (100% overload capable). The device enables the compact implementation of a powerful inner line in conjunction with a physically and topologically separated second outside line.

The extra unchoked 30 V auxiliary voltage output provides a DC supply for additional devices or a third KNX line utilizing an external KNX choke (320 mA). Each of the three outputs has its own current limiter for short circuit and overload protection. The limitation is selective, so that if one output or KNX line is short-circuited, the other two outputs or lines can continue to operate normally.

The gadget also offers diagnostic and measurement capabilities. Measured values and device parameters, such as current, voltage, and peak current with time stamp for both KNX and auxiliary voltage outputs, are displayed on the device’s OLED display. Commissioning, maintenance and analysis of the KNX installation is thus significantly simplified.

The conventional KNX protocol is used to communicate via group addresses, either unencrypted or encrypted with KNX Data Secure. A separate bus reset for the main line and secondary line can be performed using two KNX group addresses.

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