Intelligent home system must-haves

intelligent home system

The components of an intelligent home system can vary depending on the manufacturer and system type. However, there are some common components that can be found in an intelligent control system, such as Control4.

Smart hub

Smart hub is the central device that manages and controls all other devices in the home. It acts as a bridge between smart devices and the user. The Control4 CA hubs are the foundation that makes smart products work together to deliver orchestrated automation — the smart home experience homeowners truly want.


Controllers are used to manage the home entertainment system – TV, speakers and other smart devices that can be controlled by a remote or a dedicated mobile app. Control4 controllers bring all smart devices together for easy selection and control. However, they provide far more than just device control – personalized automated scenes, Intercom Anywhere and high-resolution audio streaming.

Network equipment

Intelligent home systems rely on a robust, high-speed network to function. This usually includes Wi-Fi routers, switches and extenders that create a strong and reliable home network. Accordingly, Control4 offers stop-notch network equipment. Control4 router is specifically designed to handle the types of multimedia traffic that can overwhelm other networks for high-performance networking. Moreover, Pakedge switches flawlessly process AV network traffic flows at incredibly high speeds. Finally, the Control4 IO Extender offers simple control of every device that uses infrared (IR), serial, contact and relay connections.

Smart devices

Smart devices are various smart appliances or gadgets that can be controlled or monitored through the smart hub.Control4 offers a number of these devices, such as thermostats, lighting solutions, security cameras and smart locks. However, Control4 system is compatible with many other smart devices which can be integrated into a unified system.


Sensors are used to detect movement, temperature, smoke and other environmental factors. These sensors can trigger the system to take certain actions based on certain pre-set conditions. The Control4 Wireless Motion Sensors communicate motion and ambient light events to the system using ZigBee, while the Wireless Contact Sensor expands Control4 home automation possibilities with doors, gates, windows and temperature monitoring inside or outside the home. Likewise smart devices, the Control4 system is compatible with sensors from many leading manufacturers.

Smartphone apps

Many intelligent home systems have dedicated apps that can be installed on the user’s smartphone. These apps allow the user to remotely monitor and control the smart devices in their home from anywhere. With the Control4 App, all smart devices work simultaneously among each other. With an active 4Sight subscription, total control of the smart home is enabled right from the user’s mobile device.

Voice assistants

Some intelligent home systems have built-in voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri. These assistants allow users to control the smart devices using voice commands. Additionally, Control4 has as a voice control solution that integrates seamlessly with the system, giving users hands-free control over the devices.


By using the above-mentioned components, the intelligent home system can automate tasks and provide a more efficient and convenient living experience for the user. It’s clear from all the above that Control4 is a perfect example of a truly intelligent home system.

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