Step-by-step: Hiring Smart Touch

You’ve finally made a big step and decided to build a smart house? Or you just want to upgrade your existing one with smart technology? Maybe you started up your own business looking for a way to make your office environment pleasant and stimulating? Whatever is your starting point, we are here to help you.

Earlier we’ve discussed DIY projects and there is only one way to go if you want a truly intelligent and reliable system. Go with a Pro! As Control4 Pro, Smart Touch is here to present and  help you choose the best solutions, design it and take care of maintenance. In this article we would go through steps of hiring a Pro.



First of all you will need to contact a company specialized for engineering and technical consulting such as ours. Smart Touch is a certified Control4 Pro and KNX partner which guarantees high quality home automation and smart home service. Schedule a meeting and don’t waste time on research because we will provide you with all the answers.


In this initial meeting, our team will present to you what we do, what solutions and products we can offer to you. You have the opportunity to ask all the questions you have, tell us about your ideas and wishes but also provide us with building drafts and information about your lifestyle and needs.


During the meeting we collect all the information we need to create an offer tailored for you, your demands, needs but also tentative budget. With all that information, our engineers create a non-binding offer and schedule another meeting.


This is the step when we go through our informational offer giving you an opportunity to adjust, change or upgrade it with your ideas. During or after this meeting, you should decide whether you’ll use our service or not. 


Considering you are thrilled with our offer, we start creating a conceptual solution and work which implies consulting with construction site managers and electricians. Our team supervises all construction works making sure everything is installed as it has to be for our system to work flawlessly. If we work on an existing building, we’ll guide changing of existing switches, install and program keypads, automatic shutter or blinds lifters and other products.


After all the rough work is done, we have a final meeting about finishing touches. At this point you pick the design, colors and materials of chosen products that would fit best with your home design.


When we’ve discussed all the details, our team goes to your building and first of all sets up a network which is the key for every smart home. After that we set up the system, do final tests and start it. In the end we set up light scenes and all the other personalization you want.


Final step is signing a maintenance contract which makes us at your service for constant support, troubleshooting and future system upgrades. This step is optional but recommended.


Home automation and smart home system design is a complex process we compressed in eight concise steps. Every one of it has more substeps including supervision and collaboration with construction workers, electricians and other contractors. Our goal was to give you general information about how an average process of hiring us looks like. We are at out client service on every step of the way making sure contentment, quality and performance are at their peak.

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