Seven game-changing KNX thermostats


In the rapidly advancing world of smart home technology, thermostats have evolved beyond simple temperature control devices. Today, we’ll take a look at seven cutting-edge KNX thermostats, each with unique features designed to enhance your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

knx thermostats

Basalte Home Thermostat and Room Controller

Deseo by Basalte is a design thermostat (and room controller) that seamlessly integrates into your home. With touch-sensitive technology and a multicolor OLED display, it offers intuitive control over climate, but also lighting and music. This multifunctional beauty is available in various finishes to match your interior design.

Experience the innovative touch-sensitive technology of Basalte’s Deseo here.


knx thermostats

Ekinex Room Temperature Controller

The Ekinex FF Series Room Temperature Controller regulates room temperature independently. With an integrated KNX bus communication module, LCD display, and adjustable backlight, it offers precise control. The device is suitable for new or existing homes, providing comfort and efficiency with an elegant design.

Visit the Ekinex website to discover how the Room Temperature Controller can enhance your home’s climate control.


knx thermostats

Ekinex Easy Room Thermostat

Ekinex FF Series also offers Easy Room Thermostat which simplify temperature control with a user-friendly interface. Designed for easy installation, these thermostats are equipped with an LCD display, adjustable backlighting, and integrated KNX bus communication. The device is suitable for various heating and cooling systems, offering flexibility and energy efficiency.

Learn more about the Ekinex Easy Room Thermostats’ user-friendly features here.


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Zennio KNX Capacitive Room Controller

The TMD-Display One is a customizable room controller that manages climate, audio, shutters, lights, and more. With a touch panel featuring eight buttons, this thermostat includes a built-in temperature probe for accurate control. Its customizable design allows you to create a unique aesthetic impression in any room.

Explore the customization options and advanced features of the Zennio KNX Capacitive Room Controller here.

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Eae Rosa Series KNX Thermostats

The Rosa Series KNX Thermostats boast a touch-operated, frameless minimalist design. With features like fully automatic heating-cooling transition, multiple air conditioning resource management, and engraved icon options, it combines functionality with aesthetics. The wide range of colors and independent programmable buttons make it a versatile choice for any home.

Explore the EAE Rosa Series for a thermostat that seamlessly integrates into your home’s design.


knx thermostats

Eae Oria Series KNX Thermostats

The Oria Series offers functional flexibility with integrated programmable switches. With an automatic heating-cooling transition, various modes, and precise measurement accuracy, it’s a reliable choice. The thermostat also provides control for HVAC units, including VRF-VRV and air conditioning devices. The lifetime guarantee for surface quality ensures long-term satisfaction.

Explore the Oria Series KNX Thermostat here for a personalized and reliable home climate solution.


knx thermostats

Control4 Wireless Thermostat by Aprilaire

Developed in collaboration with Aprilaire, this thermostat offers advanced HVAC control, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency. It’s compatible with various HVAC systems, including forced air, geothermal, dual fuel, and humidity control. The backlit LCD displays provide information on temperature, HVAC status, and more. Advanced adaptive scheduling and presets make it a perfect fit for any lifestyle.

Discover the reliable and sophisticated features of the Control4 Wireless Thermostats here.


Finally, there is no question that all of these thermostats redefine home comfort by offering advanced features, personalized control and elegant design. Explore each of them and find the perfect thermostat for your home yourself, or contact us to help you raise your comfort level.

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