Fermax Video Door Entry System


In the domain of home security, Fermax Electronica represents a step forward in innovation. Since 1949, Fermax has been dedicated to connecting people and homes to the world through its video intercom systems. Today we’ll present to you a highly efficient and flexible MEET system.

MEET Video Door Entry System

Their video intercom systems cater to individual residences, businesses and small buildings, offering customized video, audio and building kit solutions. However, it’s the MEET series that truly shines. Built on 100% IP technology, MEET boasts a point-to-point (P2P) infrastructure, eliminating the need for central units or servers, thus minimizing system downtime.

The MEET series offers unparalleled flexibility with user-centric approach that not only increases security, but also simplifies installation and maintenance. Fermax’s commitment to innovation ensures that MEET remains at the forefront of home security solutions, redefining safety and security in an interconnected world.

Why Fermax?

Fermax differs from the competition in several ways, making it the preferred choice for home security solutions:

Innovation: MEET series showcases cutting-edge technology, built on a 100% IP infrastructure, offering flexibility and efficiency unmatched by the competition. This innovative approach ensures optimal performance and ease of use.

Flexibility: Unlike traditional systems, MEET does not require central units or servers, thus reducing the risk of system downtime. Installers have the freedom to assign IP addresses according to project needs, simplifying network control and customization.

Quality assurance: With the entire production process carried out in their factories in Valencia, Fermax guarantees a flawless supply chain, ensuring product availability in all circumstances. This commitment to quality control sets them apart from competitors who may rely on outsourcing.

Tailor-made solutions: Fermax offers a comprehensive range of video intercom systems adapted to individual apartments, companies and small buildings. Whether it’s video, audio or construction sets, their solutions that meet different needs, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customer-centric approach: Fermax places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, designing products with the end user in mind. Their commitment to innovation and user-friendly design ensures that users get not only superior security solutions, but also a seamless, hassle-free experience.

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