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In the ever-evolving landscape of smart home technology, Control4 continues to lead the way with its latest OS 3.4.0 update, bringing a suite of improvements that promise to redefine your user experience. The customer empowerment suite introduces a host of features that make managing your system not only easier, but also more personalized and intuitive.

Visual delight: redesigned user interface

One of the standout features of the OS 3.4.0 update is the redesigned color picker and color temperature. Now users can take control of their color-capable white lighting that can be adjusted independently by controlling hue, saturation and brightness. Modernized icons and revamped controls provide an easily recognizable and aesthetically pleasing interface, creating a more pleasant user experience.

This visual change extends to the Control4 app’s camera page, which now supports multi-camera live streaming with live feed indicators or time-stamped footage. Audio integration has been improved, allowing you to hear audio alongside your surveillance camera feed, which is especially useful for those with follow-up cameras.

No new hardware or intervention required

The good news for Control4 users is that the OS 3.4.0 update brings these transformative changes without the need for new hardware or intervention. This changes were pushed automatically via component update on Dec 12th, 2023 to all systems running OS 3.3.1 and above.

More than meets the eye: Halo firmware v1.6

Halo Firmware v1.6 introduces dynamic icons for viewing, listening, lighting, comfort and thermostat, providing users with more intuitive feedback and control. This update includes additional optimizations and fixes, ensuring a smooth overall experience.

Navigation with ease: Redesign of the Control4 app settings page

The settings page in the Control4 apps for iOS and Android has undergone a significant revamp. Adopting the design language introduced with Halo Remotes, the site now boasts a more logical flow. Customers can effortlessly switch between different Control4 systems, add additional systems, and update account information —all within a redesigned, user-friendly interface.

Customer Empowerment: Full new customer management

OS update 3.4.0 introduces a revolutionary change with the ability to support two types of user profilesAdministrator and Standard. Administrators can invite and edit users, define roles and manage account information, providing a new level of customization. Users can also take control of their 4Sight subscriptions directly from the Control4 app, putting the power in their hands.

Manage event notifications within the App

The update allows users to take control of event notifications directly within the app. Enabling, disabling and pinning notifications can now be done effortlessly, reducing the need for constant team involvement in simple requests.

In conclusion, the Control4 OS latest update is empowering users with unprecedented control and customization. With a focus on providing an improved user experience, this update reinforces Control4’s commitment to innovation in smart home technology.

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