D.I.Y. Smart Home

D.I.Y. Smart Home


Why should I hire someone when I can make a smart home all by myself?

Everyone with minimal technical and/or engineering knowledge can ask this legitimate question. There are many smart appliances available which you can purchase and maybe even connect with each other. However, creating a truly intelligent smart home that makes life more convenient, safe and enjoyable is probably unlikely without expert help. Here is the list of potential problems with D.I.Y. smart home project and reasons why considering Control4, a leading automation system for homes and businesses, may be a better choice.


1. Installation, management & maintenance

First step is deciding what you would like to control – lighting, doors, shades, TV’s, audio, HVAC, security and even fireplace, pool or hot tub. The more solutions you choose, designing and installing a functional and reliable system gets more and more challenging. Whether you’re building a new smart house or upgrading an existing one, installation of a smart system depends on many factors such as building materials, heating system type, electrical installations, plumbing and much more. Doing it all by yourself may save you money but will take more time and might bring problems such as troubleshooting, updating and managing your smart system.

Smart Touch as a certified Control4 Smart Home Pro delivers you a stronger, safer and easier-to-use smart home system that is custom designed to meet your needs. We are also here to save your time and money with complete system maintenance.


2. App(s)

Every smart appliance comes with its own smartphone app. It’s impossible to control all of them with just one app unless you are using Control4 Smart Home OS. It removes complexity by focusing on simple usability with one-touch access and control over your entire home. Another problem might be inability to control appliances with multiple devices. Not many smart appliance apps offer you the ability to customize and share control within the household. It is also resolved with Control4 offering you simultaneous control of the entire house with multiple smartphones, touchscreens or universal remote.
If you want to experience Control4 Smart Home OS 3, contact us about upgrading your system and/or visit our showroom(s) in Osijek, Zagreb, Split or Rijeka and explore all the possibilities and features.



3. Network

Network is the foundation of every smart home. Smart homes require multiple connected devices and reliance on streaming services requiring bandwidth from the network. Without a robust high-performing home network system difficulties and failures are inevitable. Control4’s Pakedge networking solution is the solution. From security cameras to multiroom audio streaming, smart door locks to gaming consoles, Pakedge networking ensures that everything works smoothly. Your network traffic is prioritized so your experience is seamless and reliable.

4. Privacy

Owners sometimes express concern about device security and privacy using many apps for smart home controlling. Control4 protects any data generated by your interactions with the system and doesn’t allow your data to be used in any way for third-party marketing without your permission. With Control4 you have only one app while data and privacy are perfectly safe.

5. Control

Lighting control often leads to multiple switches and dimmers throughout the whole house. Control4 solutions replaces those with one beautiful keypad but also provides lighting control via app.
Multimedia control also means having two or more remote controllers. Control4 offers you limitless entertainment with a single remote. You can’t go wrong either if you choose classic but powerful and easy to use Control4 SR-260 remote or newest Neeo remote combining full home control intelligence with the finesse and ease of use you deserve.

6. Remote access

Not all of the available smart appliances provide remote access. With a yearly Control4 4Sight subscription, you’ll get the most out of your smart home with added hands-on personalization, voice control, and mobile access. 4Sight lets you monitor your cameras, lock the doors, adjust the temperature, close the garage door, and even turn on lights to welcome you home. Available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

7. Compatibility

Integrating and connecting different smart appliances might be tricky because of possible incompatibility. However, the Control4 Smart Home OS offers the most flexibility—easily integrating your existing technology along with any new gadgets you acquire later. Control4 software is built into thousands of leading consumer electronics, appliances and network devices to ensure your favorite brands and gadgets work together.

View all partners: https://www.control4.com/for/connects-with-control4

8. Equipment

As mentioned before, lighting control often means having multiple switches and dimmers but with Control4, lighting modules are hidden away in a closet never disrupting the design or décor of the property. There is also no need to see the audio/video players or satellite boxes – with Control4 it all vanishes into a media cabinet or closet. What’s left is a single TV and a universal remote for whole home control. The same thing goes with many speakers required for perfect stereo sound. With Control4 you can enjoy high-quality music throughout the entire house—and even outside—with nearly invisible speakers. After all, audio is meant to be heard, not seen.

9. Customization

It’s not questionable you can customize your amateur smart home system but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make significant changes in the system once it’s initially set. Control4 puts you in control of your experience with unmatched personalization capabilities. It provides customers with a perfect balance between professionally-installed, reliable smart home systems and the flexibility to customize and fine-tune automation to evolve with their changing lifestyles. 4Sight access to When >> Then personalization, that allows you to adjust and experiment with many features of your automation.  You may come up with automation ideas you’ve never dreamed of before!


Each approach obviously has its merits. D.I.Y. approach may save you some money but hiring a Pro doesn’t have to be more expensive option. You can have sophisticated smart home tailored to your budget. Control4 smart home professionals have knowledge, tools, resources and experience to create a truly intelligent home of your dreams. Hiring Smart Touch as Control4 Pro means you don’t have to spend time choosing the right products and researching compatibility, finding help for installations and worrying about maintenance. We provide you with not just smart but truly intelligent smart home experience and ongoing support. Our installations are like an orchestra – each device can play its melody. However, the real beauty is when they play together and perform a symphony tailored to your life routines.

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