Discover Sonodyne’s range of residential loudspeakers


Sonodyne introduces a diverse lineup of active and passive loudspeakers designed for residential purposes. This comprehensive range caters to different preferences and settings, providing outstanding performance without compromise.

Sonodyne SRP 200: Elevating Your Sound Experience

Sonodyne’s SRP 200 Series boasts multi-functional active speakers that not only sound stunning but also look aesthetically pleasing. With options ranging from the compact SRP 201 to the spacious SRP 205, there’s a size to fit every need. Whether it’s for high-grade background music, multi-room setups, multimedia, pure stereo, or home theater, the SRP series delivers. The solid aluminum enclosures offer unmatched rigidity and a distinctive, compact shape. The unique HF waveguide for each transducer enhances performance and installation flexibility, making this series installer-friendly.

Sonodyne SRT: Relive the Movie Experience

For movie enthusiasts, the SRT Series delivers an immersive cinematic experience. Featuring trademark kevlar woofer, midrange, and silk dome tweeter with a rotatable waveguide, it brings movies to life. Custom passive radiators minimize air flow noise, generating low frequencies from a shallow enclosure. Individual amplification for each frequency band, housed separately, ensures optimal performance. The use of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) allows for detailed user customization, combining technologies to bring loud and detailed sound in a shallow profile for easy personal theater installation.

Sonodyne SONUS: Redefining Sonic Performance

An upgrade from the successful 2000 Series, the Sonus Series introduces innovations in enclosures, drivers, and crossovers. These enhancements provide better bracing, modern aesthetics, improved frequency extension, transients, and transparency. The range includes tower speakers, centers, bookshelf speakers, and surround models, all designed to set a new standard in music and home theater listening.

Sonodyne AVANT: Elegance Meets Performance

The Avant Series embodies elegance and exceptional performance, seamlessly integrating into premium interiors. Utilizing high-grade components, these speakers ensure exceptional audio detailing and fulfill the Sonodyne promise of outstanding sound quality for both music and movies.

Sonodyne IWO: Discreet Elegance with Powerful Sound

The Sonodyne IWO Series showcases pure innovation, featuring slim, wall-mountable speakers that virtually disappear into modern, premium homes. With a proprietary mount, they can also be discreetly mounted in-wall, utilizing minimal internal volume to produce big, detailed sound, adding a new dimension to your listening experience without intruding on your space.

Sonodyne MICRO: Small Size, Big Sound

The Micro Series offers powerful satellite speakers despite their small size. Equipped with custom transducers and elaborate crossovers, these speakers deliver detailed and clear sound. The Micro HTS1, a complete 5.1 speaker system, ensures a tone-matched, spectacular multichannel audio experience in premium spaces.

Sonodyne SIC: Enhanced Ceiling Speaker Experience

Ideal for multi-room music and home theater surround channels, the SIC Series presents high-performance ceiling speakers. These speakers offer a smooth response, high power handling, and wide dispersion. The two-way design and elaborate crossover ensure critical midrange detailing, while the compact, elegant finish seamlessly blends into your ceiling, reproducing music and movie content efficiently.

Explore Sonodyne’s wide range of loudspeakers, designed to elevate your audio experience and bring your favorite music and movies to life. Choose from the diverse series to find the perfect fit for your unique preferences and space. Enjoy unparalleled performance with Sonodyne’s loudspeakers.

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