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Home automation and smart home technology are improving rapidly. Change is inevitable but also preferable, especially when we’re talking about upgrading. That requires constant learning, training and staying up to date with the newest technologies. Therefore, our Smart Touch showroom in Osijek recently got upgraded to the Control 4 CORE 5 Controller.

In this post you will get a brief review of the Core 5 data sheet.

“CORE 5 delivers the ultimate experience for intelligent automation deployments, whether residential or commercial, featuring the highest-quality audio and the processing power to coordinate hundreds of smart/connected devices.”


Powered by a next-generation multi-core processor, CORE 5 delivers a new level of speed and performance for instantaneous control on interactive 4K on-screen menu. 

CORE 5 includes higher quality digital to analog converters with signal-to-noise ratio of 118 dB and powerful new DSPs for a fully customizable 6-band equalizer. Seven audio outputs can be independently streamed simultaneously by Ryff – the built-in high-resolution audio server.

CORE 5 includes secure, wireless Zigbee and Zwave and plentiful I/O (including IP, infrared and serial) to control and automate audio, video and lighting systems, climate control, security and surveillance systems and their sensors intercom systems.

With OvrC Pro built in, CORE is giving access to the entire network of IP devices for remote connections, device and network configurations and troubleshooting. Those features make remote support easy eliminating unnecessary service calls.


  1. Updated multi-core processors allow CORE 5 to run OS 3 faster and more efficiently.
  2. Seven audio outputs — one HDMI, three stereo analog and three digital coax—distribute high resolution audio streams from native streaming services, AirPlay-enabled devices and local music libraries.
  3. Built-in high-resolution audio server Ryff with support for popular streaming services such  as TIDAL, Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, SOUNDMACHINE, TuneIn.
  4. 4K on-screen interactive menu for easy access.
  5. 1U, fan-less design features a heat-sink chassis and integrated power supply.
  6. Integrated Zigbee and Zwave radios with external antennas simplify installation while delivering reliable low-bandwidth communication for other connected devices.
  7. Two USB ports enable connection to external hard drives.
  8. Registration to enables access and control from multiple mobile devices through the Control4 App for Android and iOS – including Apple Watch – while connected to the local network.
  9. Active 4Sight subscription enables remote access with the Control4 App, Intercom Anywhere, Notifications, Alexa and Google voice assistants, When>>Then access and automatic cloud backups.
  10. OvrC Pro built in for advanced remote management and monitoring, device and network configurations and simplified troubleshooting solutions.


As you can tell, we did upgrade to a powerful hardware, even better audio features and faster remote access. Visit our showroom or contact us if you’re interested in powering your building with this controller.


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