Control4 and Alexa voice control symphony

Alexa speaker and control4 visualisation

Control4 and Alexa voice control give fantastic symphony.

Orchestra your lighting, comfort and smart home scenes throughout your entire home. Everything you need to have to use Alexa voice control with your Control4 system are an Alexa-compatible device, Control4 Smart Home running OS and Control4 4sight subscription.

Control4 integrates with the Alexa platform the same way any of the various DIY smart home systems do. Download the Alexa app from your store on your tablet or smartphone. After that owner simply installs the Control4 Smart Home Skill via the Alexa app. Then scans for connected devices, and that’s pretty much that.

There is a limit to the types of devices that can be discovered this way, namely thermostats, lights, and lighting scenes.

Truth be told, this will probably be enough integration to satisfy a significant portion of Control4 homeowners, especially those who are comfortable creating their own lighting scenes. True, there’s no control of AV devices and the like, but there’s still something quite magical about being able to dial in the exact right amount of light or even temperature in a room without digging for your smartphone or reaching for a touch screen.

What’s more, the voice recognition capabilities of the Alexa platform are nothing short of amazing. Everyone can use it, either children or even older people.

Using Amazon Alexa integrated in Control4 you’ll get fascinating way of system control in your home. It will make your smart home even smarter and more integrated.

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