BLUMOTIX BX-SW24 Actuator for high performances

Blumotix actuator

The BLUMOTIX BX-SW24 is a multifunction actuator that can be programmed with ETS to execute a variety of tasks like as switching loads, opening and closing shutters and shades. Bidirectional relays with a maximum load of 16A are used on each output. Wires having a section of up to 5mm can be inserted into block terminals. The relays are controlled by a push-button on the device’s front panel (with possibility of deactivation), a green LED indicates the switching status of each channel. The silver alloy contacts (AgSn02) allow a high inrush current of up to 170A in the first 2ms, for a maximum reliability on the typical inductive loads of lamps fitted with reactors.

The power supply is delivered via the KNX bus through a redesigned TPUART2 transceiver with improved switching speed. The device’s protection rating is IP20, and its size is 12 DIN-rail modules. BLUMOTIX Actuators¬†guarantee the best performances in terms of switching speed, thanks to the state-of-the-art bus transceiver KNX.

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