Acoustic emotions by Cabasse

This beautifully designed speakers will fully fit your space and give you amazing, high quality, experience while listening to your favorite music. They are unique, one of a kind, high definition speakers and the result of that are years of expertise and the technology used in the iconic sphere at the service of pure acoustic emotions. With its powerful design, and its exceptional acoustics thanks to its tri-coaxial speaker, they meet the expectations of the most demanding audiophiles and listeners.

They come in two beautiful colors  black and white and are made of elegant and noble materials which gives them class look. It membranes are built from carbon fibers and fiberglass, the dissipators and drivers from alumium and it has reinforced composite fiber double shell adorned with pure “Chromium” rings. They will give you powerful performance and sophisticated 360° response and very little sound distortion. You can fix them either to the wall with wall support bracket or put them to the place you want.

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