Our solutions

Smart home

In past, smart home technology was exclusively for people with high home budgets and it was something not so usual. Fortunately, with technology development in rapid speeds this technology became more available to various range of our customers, from small homes and businesses to enormous production facilities and largest urban houses.


Implementing automation technology in modern society results with huge step forward to the future of production facilities and private objects. With automation in their homes, our customers can fully relax because their home is in safe hands. Automation system monitors entire home and provides security with full control in any time.

Technical Consultancy

With rising of new production facility, business offices or a private homes, customers want the best possible technology. Since technology is rapidly changing sometimes it's best to ask someone who knows what is the best option for them.

IT systems

There is an absolute need for big or small IT systems in practically any business, this is like a backbone to every serious project or a facility because without that some things simply cannot work like they should.

Security systems

Unfortunately, with developing of modern technology there is also rise of unauthorized accesses, whether it's physical or virtually and everyone likes to keep their property as safe as possible. There is also a need for protection from other things like fire hazards, water or gas leaks, etc.

Audio / Video

Select from leading manufacturers for A/V components, racks, patch panels, cable and more. Remove the complexity of system design by consulting with our experts. Speed your project deployment as we simplify the supply chain by consolidating shipments and spend, minimizing purchase orders, conducting testing and managing inventory.

Digital signage

Main advantage is that it can be placed on places where ordinary adverts just won't do the job right, also, big advantage is that customers can change all of the digital panels at once or maybe part of them, depending on their decision.

Digital price

Labeling process is first and foremost highly time-consuming. Changing all the prices in a hypermarket takes a team several days, whereas just a few minutes are enough with electronic shelf labeling. The in-store experience is key for retailers who want to compete with online players and thanks to connected electronic shelf labels and the shopper connectivity offered by our solution, they are now able to do so.

Luxury seatings

Seat or armchair is not defined by a simple recliner with two cup holders placed into the top of the arms. A true chair provides excellent ergonomic support, and is specifically designed and engineered for home theater viewing.